New – Panini Sandwiches at Simply Fresh Cafe

Mouth watering Paninis are now available at Simply Fresh. Choose from four fantastic combinations. $8.50 each and worth every bite…

THE CUBAN – Pulled pork carnitas,honey ham,Swiss cheese,dill pickle slices and honey mustard on rosemary foccacia

THE SMOKEHOUSE MELT – Sliced beef brisket in light BBQ sauce, provolone cheese,red onion and Boar’sHead Pepperhouse Gourmaise or Horseradish Sauce on rosemary foccacia

THE BLACK RUSSIAN – Top round pastrami, Ovengold turkey, Swiss cheese, thousand island dressing on marble rye

THE PEPPER JACK – Londonport roast beef,pepper jack or Monterey jack cheese, roasted red peppers, red onion, honey mustard on rosemary foccacia

New – Smaller Portions of any Signature Salad

Enjoy a half portion of any of our yummy salads for just $5!
Deluxe Garden Salad, The Town Chef, Chicken Caesar, Greek Salad, Oriental Chicken, Italiano, Southwest Chicken and Turkey Club.

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